GISO Music Club
ul. Mickiewicza 37
Dębno 74-400
tel. +48 095 760 2849
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The Club’s history


In early summer 1991, a couple of people loving both each other and new challenges became the tenants of the ruined Pomerania culture club belonging to a local factory, more  due to some amusing coincidence that a conscious choice. Their plan was disarmingly easy: let’s create a decent Music Club. For them this chalenge seemed to be trivially easy to execute. Life, however, prepared them a completely different scenario.

The first painful revelation stroke them very quickly. During the club’s opening party on 10th June, the venue was visited by … 40 guests. It is enough to say that they were expecting to  entertain 200. Potential customers of the newly opened club bearing a bizarre name “Giso" were not going to break the windows open to get into - they didn’t even force the door open!
The ruined club of a legendary bad reputation seemed to be a rather unattractive place for spending their free time. In comparison to competitive clubs it looked rather dull in- and outside. So they got down to work. They knew that they would not impress their guests by the club’s interior design, not to mention its outer look, therefore, they decided to fight their enemies with two weapons in their hands: their passion and music.  

As it occurred later, such arms could be compared with the weapons of mass destruction. First they destroyed the “frequent guests" mentality, then they some old musical habits. The carpet bombing of attraction and competitions swept away boredom and repetitiveness. The cavalry’s charge of the employed dj’s reduced deep-rooted stereotypes, how a “decent disco should look like", to ashes. Such mass attacks did not practically meet with resistance. The enemy called “BOREDOM" was completely surprised and helpless, so it could only hang out a white flag and sign the peace treaty. The town of Dębno surrended first, later on the whole region gave up, nevertheless instead of announcing the victory and derive profits from this fact, GISO chose futher armament in order to maintain its domination and peace within the acquired area. They knew that after the first facination there would be time for weariness and instead of their constant admiration of music and innovative ideas, their guests would pay attention to the scratched walls, “East-European style" toilets, old furniture and equipment coming from the late communist epoque.

They commenced some brave investment: they exchanged the sound and lighting system, they began the era of repairs and modernization which lasted, as it later appeared, for 15 years. They were inviting dj’s from Szczecin who were said to be the best ones in Poland. Each party in GISO ….


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