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Music stars about Giso

Here we present some of comments of the VIP-s visiting GISO. These were chosen from a club’s book of visitors, some stage quotations and open converations.

 "O my, what a place!"

Grzegorz Markowski - Perfect

Impressed by the club, he and the group’s guitar player Dariusz Kozakiewicz sang their hit "Lullaby for a stranger" from the DJ’s stand one hour after their concert.

"Fellow, if we had a club equipped like this in Trójmiasto (i.e. cluster of cities Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot), I would never step out of it. This place is completely amazing"  

Adam Wolski - the leader of Golden Life

"It is hardly ever that we dedicate one of our songs to anybody during the concerts but we would especially like to thank to Wandzia and Grzegorz for everything that happened to us here" - the song we would like to dedicate is " Always where you are"

Jan Borysewicz - the leader of Lady Pank

"We have been playing here for 3 times and it always seems better than the last time"

Muniek Staszczyk - T.Love - the stage comment

"Folks, where am I ? Is this club really in Poland ??"

Olek Klepacz - Formacja Nieżywych Schabóff - the stage comment

"You should bring all club owners and managers here for classes how to organize concerts in a professional way"

Krzysztof Skiba - Big Cyc - the stage comment

"For the best"
Rodney James - the leader of Earth Eatz Dog  (New York, USA) - dedication from our book of visitors

"We live in America but we have never played in such a professional club located in such a small town" - a free translation from English to Polish
Steve Schuffert (USA) - the stage comment during the concert in GISO

"I came in and went mad"

Sławomir Jórasz - the manager of Myslovitz

"I thought no single club would surprise me ‘musically’ but here you are - America!!!"

Piotr Sławiński (Blue Café)  - during the disco after the Blue Café concert

"What a f***ing great atmosphere!"

Agnieszka Chylińska - O.N.A. - the stage comment

"Hey fellow, what a club!!!"

Grzegorz Szlapa - the leader of Kowalski

"Giso has been constructed and looks like London clubs"

DJ Adamus

"I have been travelling nearly 1000 km to Giso to spend each New Year’s Eve for five years. I don’t do this because I was born here in Dębno or I can’t afford to enjoy one in Vienna. It is just due to its magic atmosphere which I cannot find in any other places."
Kazimierz Sidorczuk - the goalkeeper of the Polish representation in football (the comment from the time when he was no. 1 in our national team and he played in an Austrian team Sturm Graz.

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